• Medical Providers

    As a trusted medical provider, expectant mothers and families rely on you to help their children arrive healthy, stay well, and thrive. Yet, sometimes families need additional resources to help ensure the development and well-being of their children, prenatally onward.

    At no charge, Strong Starts Chautauqua assists maternal, child, and family medical providers in promoting developmental health of children through age 5.

    Join the Strong Starts Chautauqua network of maternal, child, and family health practices and local referral partners! Our family-focused approach to education, support, care, treatment, and service navigation fosters optimal health, well-being, and development for all children, prenatally through age 5.

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    Medical Providers

    Universal Maternal Screening

    Access to the licensed 4Ps Plus©, the only validated behavioral health screening instrument designed specifically for pregnant women.

    • 4P’s Plus includes screens for alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and illicit drug use.
    • Validated screening questions for depression and domestic violence can be included.
    • Brief intervention protocols are provided.
    Medical Providers

    Universal Screening for Children Birth-5

    • Access to validated, county-customized “Red Flags” forms that aid in early identification of neurocognitive, regulatory, executive functioning, sensory, and adaptive behavior concerns.
    • Access to electronic Ages & Stages Questionnaires© (ASQs), validated, reliable developmental and social-emotional screening tools.
    Medical Providers

    Prenatal/Perinatal Services

    • Assessments and evaluations for expectant mothers and families/caregivers
      • Parent Relationship Questionnaire
      • Trauma Symptom Checklist
      • Addiction Severity Index
    • Use of the licensed Positive Direction Model© to provide peer recovery support for pregnant mothers affected by substance use disorder and newborns with prenatal substance exposure
    Medical Providers

    Services for Children Birth-5 & Their Families

    • Assessments and evaluations
      • Infant-Toddler Sensory Profile©
      • Child Behaviour Checklist©
      • Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function©
      • Developmental Assessment©
    • Interventions and treatments to strengthen children’s social-emotional, mental, behavioral, and developmental health
    • Access to supports that promote positive parent/caregiver relationships with children.
    Medical Providers

    Our Navigation Services

    • A tiered system of community education, screening, assessment, referral, and treatment is enhanced by individualized service navigation, at no cost to families or participating practices.
    • We connect families of young children to a wide range of supportive services including: parenting resources, basic needs, mental/behavioral health, early intervention, and substance use disorder treatment.
    • Tracking of follow-up also occurs after referrals and connections are made. This allows us to provide a feedback loop to health care providers.
    Medical Providers

    Benefits of Collaboration

    • Cross-sector community of practice
    • Advisement from a national physician specialist in maternal/child systems
    • Practice transformation strategies
    • Use of maternal and family service linkage/navigation services with feedback loop
    • Access to specialized e-forms for use in Electronic Health Records
    • Access to curated resource database